KPTI is the first pediatric trauma center in the world to provide medical care for injured children, medical research on pediatric trauma, and injury prevention programs for children and families. Our Community Safety Programs reach more than 33,000 children and their families each year in New England alone.

Ways to help:

  • Order Key Clubby Bears and host a presentation to  local leaders                   
  • Donate to the hospital                                                                                    
  • Volunteer at KPTI

For more information, visit: https://www.floatinghospital. org/Patient-Care-Services/Departments-and-Services/ Kiwanis-Pediatric-Trauma-Institute/Overview.aspx



Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is a camp for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to go to for free, thanks to generous donors that sponsor the family.
It costs about $2,000 to sponsor a family for a week.
All of your help and volunteer hours are a huge help to this incredible place.

Ways to help:

  • Look up their current needs list and setup a drive for those items                        

  • Apply to volunteer at one of their sessions

  • Fundraise for this amazing place by a bake sale or other unique event
    For more information: 

Since 1997, COPI has been hosting teams to go on medical missions from the United States to Vietnam twice a year. Through medical missions to Vietnam, they provide basic medical and dental care and offer free medicine and vitamins every six-months. They also provide medical equipment and training to nurses and physicians in rural hospitals.


Ways to help:

  • Host a school supply drive

  • Order food from the Women’s Bean Project

  • Participate in a medical mission

  • Make donations to feed, house, educate and care for those in need in Vietnam.

    For more information: http://www.childrenofpeace. org/index.html

The Tomorrow Fund

The Tomorrow Fund is an endowed fund for Circle K International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund, utilizing the interest earned, helps CKI clubs and districts serve the world through grants for service opportunities. The fund is established through a portion of CKI member dues, direct donations, the donation of Carthage-Pullman Society memberships and the donation of Sapphire Circle honoraries.

Tomorrow Fund grants can help you take action. How? Identify projects your club would like to tackle on your campus or in your community. Then, apply for grant funds to support those service projects.

Clubs may request funding assistance from US$200 to US$2,000. The committee typically funds those clubs asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs that are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project.

Some examples of what Tomorrow Fund grants might support include:

  • Based on a need to develop better reading skills among at-risk kindergarten students, a CKI club might make chair covers with pockets in them for books. Each kindergarten student has a book read to them by the CKI member, and the books and chair covers are donated to the classroom.
  • A Circle K club could purchase the book “Love You Forever” for first grade students and the first graders could then take the books to an area nursing home and read the books to residents there. If the children do not have grandparents, the program could allow them to adopt a grandparent for the day. The Circle K club helps with teaching the children to read the book and helps with the interaction at the nursing home.

A grant awarded to a Circle K club or district may be distributed in one of three ways:

  • The club or district may choose to have the money given directly to their school/district/Kiwanis Club Foundation/District Foundation,
  • The grant shall be reimbursed to the club or district upon presentation of receipts, invoices, or other documentation of expenditures, or
  • The grant shall be paid to any designated vendor, as directed and approved by the club or district.

Tomorrow Fund applications must be received to the Kiwanis International Office by December 1. Applications must be submitted to the Youth Funds Specialist at Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268; or via fax at 1-317-879-0204