Do You Want To Join Circle K International?

Whether you are a former Key Clubber, Interact member, or Leo Club member. Whether you just like to volunteer and make a difference in your community or abroad, or whether you just want to find an organization where you can make lifelong friendships and life changing opportunities, then Circle K is the club for you! 



  • Willingness to serve.
  • Commitment to humankind.
  • Dedication and adherence to the ideals of the organization.
  • Each CKI club is assessed a $600 Club fee (or $450 for schools with less than 5,000 students) for International per year which can be covered with the assistance of student government, your sponsoring Kiwanis club and club fundraising.
  • New England District dues are $6/person which is up to individual clubs to figure out how they want to cover.

Join a club

To join an existing Circle K Club in the New England District go HERE to find your college and the Circle K club's president and contact information or use the Find a Club Near Me locator


Start A Club

Go to a school that doesn't have a Circle K Club?  We'd love to help you fix that!  Any school or community can benefit from an organization of students who are dedicated to serving their community and bettering the world.  If you are interested in chartering a Circle K Club at your college or university, please

Chartering & Club Building Resources

          This Checklist was created by Circle K International to help in the chartering process.

         The form used to charter a new Circle K Club.  It has sections to be filled out by the club officers, sponsoring Kiwanis Club,                      academic institution, and charter members.

        This manual was created by Circle K International.  It goes over every step and scenario regarding club building.