District History

1959: The New England District of Circle K International is chartered with six clubs on June 1st, 1959                                                                   2014: District Committees are first established                                          2015: Tim Daly Steps down as District Administrator and Kristin Holden becomes the New District Administrator                   


  • District Officer Training Conference - An annual event held in April focused on club officer training, leadership building, and fellowship.
  • Divisional Events - Either a trainer or a social focused on bringing together clubs in each division to for leadership, service and fellowship.
  • District Fall Conference - Annual three day conference held in late October or early November, with workshops, leadership & teamwork training, service projects, and lots of fun! This event is currently held at Camp Mitchuwana in Maine, but new locations are currently being researched. 
  • KPTI Day - Each year, the Circle K District Board leads tours at the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Key Family members from all over the New England District attend this day long event, and the event includes a parade of checks and in-kind donations, a picture slide show, a guest speaker, and a tour of the hospital. This event takes place on the first Saturday in December, and registration is required.
  • District Convention - Annual three day conference held in late February or early March each year to honor the successes of the District Board and the clubs in the District. District Convention, also called DCON, includes the election of the new District Board, workshops, general sessions, service projects, and more!



Our district is divided into four divisions for administrative purposes. 

Each division has a Lieutenant Governor on the District Board who works specifically with the clubs in that division. To learn more about our divisions and clubs click on the respective Lieutenant Governor Photo under the district board tab.

Atlantic Division - Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Greater Boston Division - Boston Metropolitan Area

Sunrise Division - Maine & Southeastern New Hampshire

Western Division - Vermont, Western New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts, Bermuda & Connecticut


2018-19 Emily Mui, Northeastern University                        2017-18 Daniel Norwood, University of Southern Maine              2015-17 Karl Uzcategui, Johnson & Wales University                  2014-15 Rachel Shanley, Northeastern University                      2013-14 Katie Pappas, University of New Hampshire                  2012-13 Tyler Foote, University of New Hampshire                    2011-12 Will Bradford, Northeastern University                        2010-11 Abby O'Haire, Keene State College                                  2009-10 Rich Henderson, Bridgewater State College                      2008-09 Elyse Denorfia, Westfield State College                         2007-08 Mike Perreault, Bentley College                                  2006-07  SarahBeth Libby, University of Southern Maine              2005-06  Maryann Belason, Salve Regina University                    2004-05 Jon Freeman, Salve Regina University                          2003-04 Brian Kelly, University of Massachusetts-Amherst          2002-03 Dave Stender, Northeastern University                            2001-02 Kristina Dlugozima, Northeastern University                    2000-01  Nicole McDermott, Salve Regina University                  1999-00 Janette Stender, Northeastern University                        1998-99 Anne-Marie, Boston College                                          1997-98 Peter Brown, University of Southern Maine                  1996-97 April Kelley, Boston University                                      1995-96 Frank Benham, Bentley College                                      1994-95 Sara Van Keuren, University of Maine-Orono                  1993-94 Heidi Turner, University of Maine-Orono                          1992-93 Matthew O'Keefe, Boston College                                  1991-92 Kim Clemet, Bentley College                                        1990-91 Shari Repoza, University of Maine-Orono                          1989-90 Steve Elder, University of Maine-Orono                            1988-89 Donna Rauch, University of Maine-Orono                        1987-88 Mary Ellen Roy, Fairfield University                                1986-87 --------------                                                              1985-86 Cynthia Grabowski, Bryant College                                1984-85 Michael Grabowski, Babson College                                1983-84 Janet Lewis, Babson College                                          1982-83 Paul Natalizio, Babson College                                      1981-82 --------------                                                                1980-81 Sandra Brown                                                            1979-80 Cathy Crisman                                                              1978-79 Beth Levine                                                                1977-78 Earl Fournier                                                                1975-77 Ronald Colley                                                              1974-75 Terry Mower                                                                1973-74 Carol Emmerson                                                            1972-73 David Sullivan                                                                1971-72 Paul Lagdowski                                                            1970-71 Paul Colpitts                                                               1969-70 Gordon Thatcher                                                          1968-69 Peter Rioux                                                                   1967-68 Jim Turi                                                                      1966-67 Ken Vezina                                                                  1965-66 Seldon Brown                                                              1964-65 Fred DeCaro                                                                1963-64 Leo Carignan                                                                1962-63 Gerald Hall                                                                  1961-62 Martin Lobel                                                                1960-61 --------------                                                                1959-60 John Haynes

New England District                                                 International Officers

'93-'94 Matthew Okeefe- International President                            '17-'18 Karl Uzcategui- Subregion F Trustee