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PENNY WARS: Penny wars is a competition between the 4 divisions Atlantic, Greater Boston, Sunrise and Western. Each division will be trying to get the most points. Each penny is 1pts. Anything else are negative points. ex: a quarter is -25pts, a dollar is -100pts. The division with the most points at the end wins. All funds raised will be donated to the WASH Project.

CAN TABS: This is another competition between the 4 divisions. Clubs are asked to bring any can tabs they have and the division with the most can tabs wins! Can tabs will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House who recycles them for funds.

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GOVERNOR'S PROJECT: Daniel's Governor Project has been the St. Baldrick's Foundation to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer and childhood cancer research. To top off a year long campaign he will be shaving his head in solidarity with children who have cancer. The rest of the board will be joining the cause as they will be raising money as well, with those who raise the most money getting a pie in the face! Help us make a difference in conquering childhood cancer and donate to Governor Dan's page to get his head shaved and to those board members whom you would like to see get a pie in the face!


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Run For District Office

District Convention is where we will elect the 2018-2019 District Board. Positions that members can run for are Governor, Secretary-Treasurer, Editor and Lieutenant Governor (Atlantic, Greater Boston, Sunrise, Western) or International Endorsement. Committee positions will be released immediately after District Convention.

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Did your club do an outstanding service project? Did you have a member who went above and beyond? Did you hold a ton of interclubs or maybe you had a really awesome club secretary? Well it's that time of the year to recognize out outstanding clubs, members, and officers! Every year we get only a few applications for some awards and sometimes none for others. We would like to see every club apply so that we can recognize all your hard work. Even if you only held 4 interclubs, that might be more than all the clubs in the district or even enough to get 2nd place so APPLY. You won't get any awards if you don't apply, so please apply apply apply!!!

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House of Delegates

What: The House of Delegates is where all the official business of the New England District of Circle K takes place at District Convention. It is here where delegates vote on and elect the 2018-2019 District Board, Bylaw Amendments, and proposed resolutions.

Who: Delegates are the only ones allowed to vote in the House of Delegates. Each Dues Paid Club is allowed 2 delegates for District Convention. These delegates are chosen to represent their entire club  and to serve as the club's votes and are selected prior to district convention, whether by election or appointment by the club. Delegates must be dues-paid members of Circle K International. Delegates at Large shall be District Board members. Any non delegate is allowed to sit in the gallery of the House of Delegates.

When: There will be 2 House of Delegates (HOD) HOD I on Saturday morning, where nominations of candidates will take place & HOD II on Sunday morning where elections on candidates, amendments, and resolutions will take place


Rules of the house: here are the rules of the house that will govern the house of delegates. click here to learn the Rules of the House

Certification: each club must submit a Delegate Certification Form Prior to DCON in order to register your club's delegates. click here to fill out the delegate certification form

Bylaw Amendments: This bylaw amendment has been proposed and endorsed by the new england district board. click here to review the bylaw amendmentS

Sponsorship at District Convention

In order to help offset the costs of District Convention, the New England District of Circle K International will be selling ads for the District Convention Program. The revenue that we receive from these ads is essential to making District Convention affordable.

We will also be promoting our new opportunity to help cover costs for our members. Our history shows that the more involved our members are with the district, the greater impact we see them having in their home clubs and community as well as an increased involvement with the Kiwanis family after their Circle K years.

Kiwanians, Business Owners, and others interested in purchasing an AD or sponsoring Circle K members to attend District Convention can click here to find the form or click the donation form below