What is Circle K International?

  • Circle K International [CKI] is the world's largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership
  • An organization that encourages college students to find a means of responsible student action in their communities and to become actively involved in the life of their campuses
  • Over 500 clubs in 15 different nations
  • CKI provides a unique opportunity to make a difference not only in one's community and beyond, but also within one's personal life

I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind’s potential.
— Circle K International Pledge


  • In 1936, Circle K was instituted as a fraternity at Washington State University by the Kiwanis Club of Pullman, Washington
  • The idea started with Jay N. Emerson, who was later elected Kiwanis International President. His interest led to the building of the first Circle K club in 1947 at Carthage College, Illinois
  • In 1949, two more clubs were organized, including one in Canada, making Circle K truly “International”
  • In 1956, a special department was created in the Kiwanis International Office to serve as the International Headquarters for CKI



  • Circle K International is college and university students who are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide
  • Circle K International inspires people to better our world
  • Our motto is "Live to Serve, Love to Serve"



  • Above all else, Circle K International is a service organization whose members are dedicated to improving their schools and communities
  • Virtually any unanswered need is a potential opportunity for CKI’s commitment and dedication
  • The Circle K International Service Initiative, Focusing on the Future: Children, was designed to involve all CKI members in projects that address the problems and issues that face children worldwide, ages 6-13
  • Through personal interaction and public awareness, CKI members are enabling children to develop the skills and ideals necessary to be successful